Man pages for pschulam-attic/trajclust
Cluster trajectories.

bspline_basisCreate a new B-spline basis.
curve_e_stepCompute sufficient statistics and likelihood.
curve_var_e_stepCompute sufficient statistics and likelihood using a...
diagonal_covarianceCreate a new diagonal covariance function.
init_trajclust_modelInitialize a trajclust model using data.
make_curveCreate an individual curve from a data.frame.
make_curvesetCreate curves from "narrow" data.
new_trajclust_modelCreate an empty trajclust model.
new_trajclust_suffstatsCreate an empty set of trajclust sufficient statistics.
polynomial_basisCreate a new polynomial basis.
run_emRun EM to fit the trajclust model.
run_var_emRun variational EM to fit the trajclust model. The model must...
squared_exp_covarianceCreate a new squared exponential covariance function.
trajclust_elboCompute the ELBO of the trajclust model with the given...
trajclust_full_inferenceUse a trained model to infer groups and compute likelihood.
trajclust_full_var_inferenceUse a trained model to infer groups and offsets and compute...
trajclust_inferenceCompute posterior for a curve.
trajclust_mleCompute maximum likelihood estimate of trajclust model.
trajclust_var_inferenceCompute posterior group and offset for a curve.
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