Man pages for psobczyk/public_varclust
Variable Clustering

adjusted.cluster.BICBIC for subspace clustering
choose.clusterChoose subspace closest to the given variable
choose.cluster.BICSelects subspace closest to given variable (according to BIC)
cluster.BICBIC for subspace clustering
data.simulationSimulating subspace clustering data
data.simulation.factorsSimulating subspace clustering data (shared factors)
getSigmaComputing joint sigma for all clusters
misclassificationComputes misclassification rate
mlcc.bicSubspace clustering with automatic estimation of number of...
mlcc.kmeansMultiple Latent Components Clustering - kmeans algorithm
mlcc.repsSubspace clustering assuming that the number of clusters is...
plot.mlcc.fitPlot class object
print.mlcc.fitPrint class object
print.mlcc.reps.fitPrint class object
varclustVariable Clustering with Multiple Latent Components...
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