Man pages for ptompalski/MISTR
Implementation of Ontario's forest growth and yield models.

calc_BACalculate basal area of a stand.
calc_cullCalculate cull.
calc_GMVCalculate gross merchantable volume
calc_GTVCalculate gross total volume
calc_HCalculate top height of a stand.
calc_NCalculate stand density (trees/ha)
calc_NMVCalculate net merchantable volume
calc_QMDCalculate quadratic mean diamater
calc_SICalculate site index of a stand.
calc_VBARCalculate volume (GMV) to basal area ratio (VBAR)
get_BHAGet breast-height-age for a given species
MISTR_coefCoefficients for the basal area equation
SI_exhaustiveCalculate site index of a stand base on top height model.
species2unitAssign standard forest unit based on species composition and...
StandAttributesCalculate stand attributes
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