Man pages for pttry/ggptt
Themes and ggplot2 Functions for PTT

deci_commaComma decimal formatter
extra_breaksAdd extra breaks to a continuous scale
factor_revReverse factors
geom_bariBars with stat identity
geom_h0Horizontal line on 0.
ggptt_palColor palettes in ggptt package.
ggptt_palettesPalettes in ggptt
grid_arrange_shared_legendShare a legend between ggplot2 graphs
halfq_shiftShift time 1.5 months
line_wrapFunction to add new line charter to a character string
no_centuryYear formatter for a two-number format.
percent_commaPercent and comma formatter
ptt_palColor palette PTT.
scale_fill_pttPTT colour and fill scale
set_ggSet theme and scales
set_pttSet PTT theme and scales
theme_mapTheme map
theme_pttTheme PTT
the_x45Theme elements
vnk_palColor palette VNK.
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