First overall slide topic

Subslide 1

  • This is an incremental bullet point. It has a >- in front of it, instead of just -.
  • This is another incremental bullet point.
    • This is an incremental sub-bullet point. It has four spaces in front of it.
  • This bullet point has part that will be hidden at first: This part will only show up after another click. This part will highlight red after yet another click. You can insert these easily by clicking Addins --> REVEALJS_ADDINS --> "Insert reveal.js fragment" / "Insert reveal.js fragment with highlighting" above.

Subslide 2

  • This bullet point has a second line.
    The line above it ends with two spaces, which tells the system that the line isn't done yet.

Subslide 3

  • Press 'b' to make the screen black
  • Press 'o' to get a slide overview, which you can use the arrow keys to move around.
  • Press 's' to get a popup window with a presenter view.
  • If you are using RStudio with the revealjs.additions add-on, try clicking "Addins" and then scrolling down to REVEALJS.ADDITIONS.

Slide background examples (Browser only)


A slide with a title {data-background=''}

A slide with displayed code {data-transition="zoom" data-background="teal"}

This slide has a colorful background, as well as different transitions. It also has out-of-order highlighting.

Slide code example

A slide with displayed code

This is a slide with highlighted code, that's not run:

x <- 1
y <- 3
x + y

A slide with evaluated code

This slide has code that gets run.


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