Man pages for publicus/r-veccompare
Perform Set Operations on Vectors, Automatically Generating All n-Wise Comparisons, and Create Markdown Output

compare.vectorsCompare all combinations of vectors using set operations
compare.vectors.and.return.text.analysis.of.overlapCreate a Markdown report from the output of 'compare.vectors'
example.vectors.listExample Vectors List
extract.compared.vectorsExtract elements from the output of 'compare.vectors'
generate.random.colorsGenerate Random Colors
render.venn.diagramRender (Print) a Previously-Computed Venn Diagram
summarize.two.way.comparisons.percentage.overlapSummarize Percentage Overlap for Two-Way Comparisons between...
veccompare-packageveccompare: Automatically Generate All n-Wise Set Comparisons...
vector.print.with.andPrint a vector with commas and a final "and". of One Set is not in Another
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