Man pages for pvermees/ArArRedux
Rigorous Data Reduction and Error Propagation of Ar40 / Ar39 Data

averageCalculate the arithmetic mean
averagebydayAverage all the data collected on the same day.
blankcorrApply a blank correction
blankcorrectedThe 'blankcorrected' class
calibrationDetector calibration
clcorrectionCl-interference correction
concatMerge a list of logratio data
decaycorrectionCorrect for radioactive decay occurred since irradiation
fitlogratiosExtrapolation to 'time zero'
fractionationCompute the mass fractionation correction
get4039Calculate the 40Ar*/39ArK-ratios
getagesCalculate 40Ar/39Ar ages
getJfactorsCalculate the irradiation parameter ('J factor')
getmassesSelect a subset of isotopes from a dataset
interferencedefine the interference corrections
loaddataLoad mass spectrometer data
loadirradiationsLoad the irradiation schedule
logratiosThe 'logratios' class
massfractionationApply the mass fractionation correction
MelbourneAn example dataset
newreduxCreate a new 'redux' object
paramSet or get Ar-Ar_Redux parameters
PHdataThe 'PHdata' class
plotPlot a time resolved mass spectrometry signal
plotcorrPlot a matrix with correlation coefficients
processProcess logratio data and calculate 40Ar/39Ar ages
readRead mass spectrometer data
reduxThe 'redux' class
redux2isoplotrExport 'ArArRedux' data to 'IsoplotR'
resultsThe 'results' class
subsetSelect a subset of some data
summarySummary table
timeresolvedThe 'timeresolved' class
weightedmeanCalculate the weighted mean age
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