advr is a package for the scientific research program of CO~2~ advection.

The CO~2~ advection measurement consists with integrated observations of air temperature, humidity, 2D wind velocity, CO~2~ mixing ratio profile, and chamber flux. The measurement procedure is controlled by a data logger and a microcontroller.

advr has the following features.

In the future more features will come.



Quick Start

# load the advr package

# download the datalogger program (.CR1)

# download the microcontroller program (.ino)

# download a demo data file

# read the raw data file and pre-process the data
adv_data <- read_adv("demo/data_sample.csv", "demo/data_header.csv")

# configure the file names for the sensors
colname_ws <- paste('mean_wind_speed', 1:4, sep = '')
colname_wd <- paste('resultant_mean_wind_direction', 1:4, sep = '')
colname_t <- c(paste('hcT_Avg(', 1:8, ')', sep = ''), 
               paste('chamberT_Avg(', 1:3, ')', sep = ''))

# visualize the raw data by day
plot_adv(aa = adv_data)

# visualize the entire raw data file 
plot_adv(aa = adv_data, sub_by = NA)

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