Man pages for pzhaonet/mindr
Convert Files Between Markdown or Rmarkdown Files and Mindmaps

dir2Convert a folder structure into a mindmap by using the 'tree'...
get_bodyget the body out of given strings
get_eqlocGet the index of equations in a string vector
get_foldernameGet the folder name of a given complete path
get_headingget the headings out of given strings
get_heading2get the headings out of given strings
get_heading3get the headings out of given strings
markmapCreate a markmap widget
markmapOutputShiny bindings for markmap
md2mmConvert markdown or rmarkdown files to mindmap files.
md2rConvert .md or .Rmd files into a .R script
mdtxt2mmtxtConvert markdown text to mindmap text.
mm2mdConvert a mind map (.mm) into markdown headers.
mm2rConvert .mm into a .R script
outlineExtract headers of markdown or rmarkdown files as an outline.
r2mdConvert .R scripts into a .md/.Rmd file
r2mmConvert .R scripts into a .mm file
r2rmdConvert .R scripts into a .Rmd file
rename2Rename a file automatically with a time stamp
renderMarkmapShiny bindings for markmap
rmd2rConvert .md or .Rmd files into a .R script
rmvcodecheck whether a digital number is within a given range
themeOptions for markmap creation
tree2mmConvert a directory tree to a mindmap file.
writeLines2Write txt files avoiding overwriting existent files.
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