Man pages for quadrama/DramaAnalysis
Scripts to support analysis of dramatic texts

configurationCharacter Configuration
correlationAnalysisCorrelation analysis
dataData sets
dictionaryHandlingDictionary Handling
dictionaryStatisticsDictionary Use
dramaHeadExtract section
dramaTailExtract section
ensureSuffixUtility functions
figurematrixStacked matrix
figureStatisticsBasic Character Statistics
filterMentionedFiltering Mentioned Figures
frequencytableWord frequencies
frequencytable2Extract bigrams instead of words (currently not taking...
installCollectionDataDownload and install collection data
installDataDownload preprocessed drama data
limitFiguresFiltering figures
limitFiguresByRankThis method removes the spoken tokens of all but the most...
limitFiguresByTokensThis method removes the spoken tokens by all figures that...
loadAllInstalledIdsInstalled texts
loadAnnotationsLoad annotations
loadCharactersCharacter data loading
loadMetaLoad meta data
loadSegmentedTextText Loading
loadSetLoad Collections
personnelExchangeMeasuring Personnel Exchange over Boundaries
plotUtterancePositionsUtterance positions
postagsProvides lists of groups of pos tags for various word...
presenceActive and Passive Presence
qd.colorsQuaDramA colors
rankFiguresByAppearanceRank figures by their 1st appearance
rankFiguresByDramatisPersonaeRank figures by the dramatis personae
setupThis function initialises the paths to data files.
utteranceStatisticsUtterance Statistics
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