Man pages for quandl/quandl-r
API Wrapper for

metaDataRetrieve metadata from a Quandl series or search results
QuandlRetrieves Data from the Quandl Dataset endpoint and formats
quandl.apiExecutes Quandl API calls
Quandl.api_keyQuery or set Quandl API key
Quandl.authQuery or set Quandl API token
Quandl.database.bulk_download_to_fileDownloads a zip with all data from a Quandl database
Quandl.database.bulk_download_urlReturns the bulk download url
Quandl.dataset.getRetrieves Data from the Quandl Dataset endpoint
Quandl.datatableRetrieves Data from the Quandl Datatable endpoint
Quandl.datatable.bulk_download_to_fileDownloads a zip with all data requested from a Quandl...
Quandl.datatable.bulk_download_urlGenerates and returns a bulk download url
Quandl.searchSearch the Quandl database
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