Man pages for quang-huynh/MLZ
Mean Length-Based Estimators of Mortality using TMB

bin_lengthBin length data
calc_MLCalculate mean lengths >= Lc
compare_modelsModel selection
GoosefishGoosefish: Northern Management Region (for ML)
MLMean length-based mortality estimator
MLCRMean length with catch rate mortality estimator
MLeffortMean length with effort mortality estimator
MLmultiMultispecies mean length mortality estimator
modal_lengthModal length from length data
MuttonSnapperPuerto Rico Mutton Snapper (for ML, MLCR)
NephropsMale Nephrops FU 28-29 (for MLeffort)
plot-MLZ_data-method'plot' method for S4 class 'MLZ_data'
plot-MLZ_model-method'plot' method for S4 class 'MLZ_model'
profile_MLGrid search for the mean length estimator
profile_MLCRGrid search for the mean length with catch rate estimator
profile_MLmultiGrid search for the multispecies mean length estimator
PRSnapperPuerto Rico Snapper (for MLmulti)
sensitivity_LcSensitivity to Lc
SilkSnapperSilk Snapper
summary-MLZ_data-method'summary' method for S4 class 'MLZ_data'
summary-MLZ_model-method'summary' method for S4 class 'MLZ_model'
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