Man pages for quanteda/quanteda.corpora
A collection of corpora for quanteda

data_corpus_amicusAmicus curiae briefs from Bakke (1978) and Bollinger (2008)
data_corpus_immigrationnewsUK news articles (2,833) from 2014 that mention immigration
data_corpus_irishbudgetsAnnual budget speeches from the Irish Dail, 2008-2012
data_corpus_moviesMovie reviews from Pang, Lee, and Vaithyanathan (2002)
data_corpus_sotuU.S. State of the Union addresses from 1790 to 2016
data_corpus_ukmanifestosUK political party manifestos, 1945-2005
downloadDownload an RDS file from online locations
quanteda.corpora-packageAn R package containing texts and corpora for quanteda.
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