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Lifecycle: experimental

outlookcalendarR is a Shiny App that presents information about a users meetings in their Microsoft Outlook Calendar.

This will only work on a Windows machine with Microsoft Outlook.


You can install outlookcalendarR from GitHub with:

# install.packages("remotes")

You will also need to install RDCOMClient.

For R < 4.0:


As of R >= 4.0, the app crashes due to an error with a function from RDCOMClient. See issue on the github repo.

The current solution for R > 4.0 is to download and install a specially built binary:

dir <- tempdir()
zip <- file.path(dir, "")
url <- ""
download.file(url, zip)
install.packages(zip, repos = NULL, type = "win.binary")


outlookcalendarR is run by:


Connecting to MS Outlook

The package RDCOMClient provides the ability to connect to MS Outlook.

This Microsoft link lists all the enumeration values to connect to the different aspects of Outlook.

To convert the COMDate returned by the date fields from Outlook, I found the package extrospectr, but I could not build the package. So I copied the function .COMDate_to_POSIX() from extrospectr to use in outlookcalendarR.

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