Man pages for qunhualilab/gIDR
Generalized irreproducibile discovery rate

d.binormaldensity of binomial distribution with equal mean and sigma on...
em.step.2normal.discreteThe E-step and M-step of EM algorithm
est.IDR.discreteEM algorithm to estimate the copula mixture model for... original observations to emprical cdf
get.IDR.discretecompute IDR for discrete categories
get.pseudo.mixConvert cdf to pseudo values for one cdf vector
get.pseudo.mix.map2Convert cdf to pseudo values for one vector of cdfs of...
get.pseudo.mix.xConvert cdf to pseudo values for one cdf value
get.start.valueuse a continuous version to find starting values of mu,...
gIDR-packageGeneralized irreproducible discovery rate
log_factorialcompute the log factorial
log_factorial_veccompute a vector of log factorial
loglik.2binormal.discretecompute log-likelihood for mixture of two discretized...
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