tagarina_croplands: Excerpt from Sella's XVIII century croplands inventory

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Sella is a small village to the north of Alicante province, in southeastern Spain. Carried out in 1726, Sella's croplands inventory is an example of the so called 'capbreus', the ancient land registries that were periodically undertaken in settlements within the Crown of Aragon beginning in late Middle Ages and all along the early modern period. These data are an excerpt of the Capbreu of Sella that includes all records concerning plots located within the Valley of Tagarina, a traditional farming area to the north-east of the village.




A survey object that encapsulates a data frame which is accessible through get_records.survey method. The Capbreu of Sella has been ported to a YAML structured text document which conveys the Landholder-Plot-Neighbour (LPN) schema and can be read using settle's LPNschema_reader. The output is a data frame organized as a hyper-table or wide-column store which holds 460 records and 6 fields:


Peasant's integer identifier


Peasant's name transcription


Column family (Aggregations, Landmetrics or Limits)


Column name whose value is stored in the Value field (Area = Plot area; Level_N = Place name according to level N of spatial aggregation; Neighbour = Neighbouring peasant's name; Natural = Topographical feature this plot limits with; Anthropic = Road or irrigation infrastructure this plot limits with; Administrative = Neighbouring settlement's name)


Plot identifier


Corresponding value of the column which this record refers to


Pablo Gimenez Font (for the transcription and YAML source document)


Province of Alicante Historical Archive

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