Man pages for r-glennie/CTMCdive
Fit Continuous-time Markov chain to observed dive and surface durations

CalcLlkCompute log-likelihood of continuous-time Markov chain
CalcNegllkCompute negative log-likelihood
FitCTMCdiveFits continuous-time Markov chain to dive and surface...
helloHello, World!
logLik.CTMCdiveReturns log-likelihood with degrees of freedom
MakeSmoothCompute matrices required to fit temporal smooth
plot.CTMCdivePlot fitted CTMCdive model
predict.CTMCdivePredict mean duration from fitted CTMC model for dives and...
simulateCTMCdiveSimulate dive and surface durations for a single individual
summary.CTMCdivePrint summary of CTMCdive object
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