Man pages for r-lib/ansistrings
Manipulation of 'ANSI' colored strings

ansi_ncharNumber of characters or bytes in an ANSI substring
ansistringsManipulation of 'ANSI' colored strings
ansi_strsplitSplit an ANSI colored string
ansi_strwrapWrap Character Strings to Format Paragraphs - ANSI Aware
ansi_substrSubstring of an ANSI-styled string, keeping correct colors
ansi_substr1Substring, for a single character
ansi_to_htmlConvert ANSI highlighted strings to HTML
make_ansi_map1Create a map of the ANSI tags of a single string
make_shifts1Create the map for raw <-> ANSI coordinate conversion
map_ansi_to_raw1Map ANSI string positions to raw positions
map_raw_to_ansi1Map raw string positions to ANSI
myseqSafe sequence operator
re_ansiCreate a regular expression that matches ANSI tags
re_closesWhich ANSI end tag closes which ANSI start tag?
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