Man pages for r-lib/crancache
Transparent Caching of Packages from CRAN-Like Repositories

available_packagesList Available Packages at CRAN-like Repositories, Including...
crancacheTransparent Caching of Packages from CRAN-like Repositories
crancache_cleanRemove the cache completely
crancache_listList packages in the cache
crancache_removeRemove some packages from the cache
download_filesDownload multiple files, in parallel
download_packagesDownload Package from CRAN-like Repositories, with Caching
get_cache_dirRoot of the cache directory
get_cache_package_dirsGet all package directories
install_packagesInstall Packages from Repositories or Local Files, with...
update_cacheUpdate the cache after a download/install/update
update_packagesUpdate Outdated Packages, with Caching
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