Man pages for r-lib/depends
Package Dependency Resolution and Downloads

cache_apiFunctions to query and manipulate the package cache
cmc__async_ensure_cacheLoad the cache, asynchronously, with as little work as...
cmc__load_primary_pkgsLoad metadata from the primary cache's PACKAGES files
cmc__load_primary_rdsLoad the metadata from the primary cache's RDS file
cmc__load_replica_rdsTry to load the package metadata asynchronously, from the...
cmc__update_primaryUpdate the primary cache from the replica cache
cmc__update_replica_pkgsUpdate the PACKAGES files in the replica cache
cmc__update_replica_rdsUpdate the replica RDS from the PACKAGES files
cran_depsQuery CRAN(like) package data
download_fileDownload a file, asynchronously
download_if_newerDownload a file, if it is newer than a local file
download_one_ofDownload a files from multiple candidate URLs
github_username_rxMatch a GH username
make_install_planCreate a package installation plan
package_cacheA simple package cache
parse_remotesParse package location specifications
remotesClass for package dependency resolution and package downloads
remotes__create_lp_problemCreate the LP problem that solves the installation
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