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Easier Access to Google Services from R

AuthState-classAuthorization state
credentials_app_defaultFetch the Application Default Credentials.
credentials_gceCreate a token for use on Google Compute Engine for the given...
credentials_service_accountCreate a token for a Google service account.
credentials_travisCreate credentials from a service account token stored by...
credentials_user_oauth2Get an OAuth token for a user
cred_funs_addAdd a new credential fetching function.
cred_funs_clearClear the list of credential functions.
cred_funs_listGet the list of all credential functions.
cred_funs_setSet the list of all credential functions.
cred_funs_set_defaultSet the default credential functions.
exposeAn expose object
gargle2.0_tokenGenerate a gargle token
gargle_api_keyAPI key for demonstration purposes
gargle_appOAuth app for demonstration purposes
Gargle-classOAuth2 token objects specific to Google APIs
GceTokenGceToken is a token for use only on Google Compute Engine...
is_cred_funCheck that f is a viable credential fetching function.
is_legit_tokenCheck that token appears to be legitimate
list_service_accountsList all service accounts available on this GCE instance.
oauth_app_from_jsonCreate an OAuth app from JSON
request_developBuild a Google API request
request_makeMake a Google API request
tidyverse_api_keyAPI key for tidyverse packages
tidyverse_appOAuth app for tidyverse packages
token_fetchFetch a token for the given scopes.
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