Man pages for r-lib/httr
Tools for Working with URLs and HTTP

add_headersAdd additional headers to a request.
authenticateUse http authentication.
BROWSEOpen specified url in browser.
cache_infoCompute caching information for a response.
configSet curl options.
contentExtract content from a request.
content_typeSet content-type and accept headers.
cookiesAccess cookies in a response.
DELETESend a DELETE request.
GETGET a url.
get_callbackInstall or uninstall a callback function
guess_mediaGuess the media type of a path from its extension.
handleCreate a handle tied to a particular host.
handle_poolMaintain a pool of handles.
has_contentDoes the request have content associated with it?
HEADGet url HEADers.
headersExtract the headers from a response
hmac_sha1HMAC SHA1
http_conditionGenerate a classed http condition.
http_errorCheck for an http error.
http_statusGive information on the status of a request.
http_typeExtract the content type of a response
httr_drDiagnose common configuration problems
httr_optionsList available options.
httr-package'httr' makes http easy.
init_oauth1.0Retrieve OAuth 1.0 access token.
init_oauth2.0Retrieve OAuth 2.0 access token.
insensitiveCreate a vector with case insensitive name matching.
jwt_signatureGenerate a JWT signature given credentials.
modify_urlModify a url.
oauth1.0_tokenGenerate an oauth1.0 token.
oauth2.0_tokenGenerate an oauth2.0 token.
oauth_appCreate an OAuth application.
oauth_callbackThe oauth callback url.
oauth_endpointDescribe an OAuth endpoint.
oauth_endpointsPopular oauth endpoints.
oauth_exchangerWalk the user through the OAuth2 dance without a local...
oauth_listenerCreate a webserver to listen for OAuth callback.
oauth_service_tokenGenerate OAuth token for service accounts.
oauth_signatureGenerate oauth signature.
parse_http_dateParse and print http dates.
parse_mediaParse a media type.
parse_urlParse and build urls according to RFC1808.
PATCHSend PATCH request to a server.
POSTPOST file to a server.
progressAdd a progress bar.
PUTSend PUT request to server.
responseThe response object.
RETRYRetry a request until it succeeds.
revoke_allRevoke all OAuth tokens in the cache.
set_configSet (and reset) global httr configuration.
set_cookiesSet cookies.
sha1_hashSHA1 hash
sign_oauthSign an OAuth request
status_codeExtract status code from response.
stop_for_statusTake action on http error.
timeoutSet maximum request time.
Token-classOAuth token objects.
upload_fileUpload a file with 'POST()' or 'PUT()'.
use_proxyUse a proxy to connect to the internet.
user_agentSet user agent.
verboseGive verbose output.
with_configExecute code with configuration set.
write_diskControl where the response body is written.
write_functionS3 object to define response writer.
write_streamProcess output in a streaming manner.
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