Man pages for r-lib/liteq
Lightweight Portable Message Queue Using 'SQLite'

ackAcknowledge that the work on a message has finished...
consumeConsume a message from a queue
create_queueCreate a queue in a database
db_ackPositive or negative ackowledgement
db_consumeConsume a message from a message queue
db_create_queueCreate a queue
db_try_consumeTry to consume a message from the queue
default_dbThe name of the default database
delete_queueDelete a queue
ensure_dbEnsure that the DB exists and has the right columns
ensure_queueMake sure that a queue exists
is_emptyCheck if a queue is empty
list_failed_messagesList failed messages in a queue
list_messagesList all messages in a queue
list_queuesList all queues in a database
liteqLightweight Portable Message Queue Using 'SQLite'
make_messageMake a message object
message_countGet the number of messages in a queue.
nackReport that the work on a message has failed
publishPublish a message in a queue
remove_failed_messagesRemove failed messages from the queue
requeue_failed_messagesRequeue failed messages
try_consumeConsume a message if there is one available
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