Man pages for r-lib/pkg
Another Approach to Package Installation

cachePackage cache utilities
lib_statusStatus of packages in a library
local_installInstall a package tree
local_install_depsInstall the dependencies of a package tree
local_install_dev_depsInstall all dependencies of a package tree
local_package_treesLocal package trees
local_system_requirementsQuery the system requirements for a dev package (and its...
metadataMetadata cache utilities
pak_cleanupClean up pak caches and/or the pak library
pak_package_sourcesPackage sources
pak_private_libraryThe pak private library
pak_setupInstall pak's dependencies into its private library
pak_sitreppak SITuation REPort
pkg_depsDraw the dependency tree of a package
pkg_downloadDownload a package and potentially its dependencies as well
pkg_installInstall a package
pkg_removeRemove installed packages
pkg_searchSearch CRAN packages
pkg_statusDisplay installed locations of a package
proj_createCreate a project that has a private package library
proj_installInstall project dependencies into the project library
proj_install_devInstall project dependencies, including development...
proj_loadLoad a project
proj_removeRemove package(s) from a project
proj_statusStatus of packages in the project library
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