Man pages for r-lib/pkgbuild
Find Tools Needed to Build R Packages

buildBuild package
clean_dllRemove compiled objects from /src/ directory
compile_dllCompile a .dll/.so from source.
compiler_flagsDefault compiler flags used by devtools.
has_build_toolsAre build tools are available?
has_compilerIs a compiler available?
has_latexIs latex installed?
has_rtoolsIs Rtools installed?
needs_compileDoes the package need recompiling? (i.e. is there a source or...
pkgbuild_processBuild package in the background
pkg_has_srcDoes a source package have 'src/' directory?
pkg_links_to_rcppTest if a package path is linking to Rcpp
rcmd_build_toolsCall R CMD <command> with build tools active
with_debugTemporarily set debugging compilation flags.
without_compilerTools for testing pkgbuild
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