Man pages for r-lib/rcmdcheck
Run 'R CMD check' from 'R' and Capture Results

check_detailsQuery R CMD check results and parameters
compare_checksCompare a set of check results to another check result
compare_to_cranCompare a check result to CRAN check results
cran_check_flavoursDownload and show all CRAN check flavour platforms
cran_check_resultsDownload and parse R CMD check results from CRAN
data_frameAlternative to data.frame
myrepRecycle a vector or a data frame (rows)
parse_checkParse 'R CMD check' results from a file or string
parse_check_urlShorthand to parse R CMD check results from a URL
print.rcmdcheckPrint R CMD check results
print.rcmdcheck_comparisonPrint R CMD check result comparisons
rcmdcheckRun R CMD check from R and Capture Results
rcmdcheck_processRun an 'R CMD check' process in the background
xopen.rcmdcheckOpen the check directory in a file browser window
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