Man pages for r-lib/remotes
R Package Installation from Remote Repositories, Including 'GitHub'

available_packagesSimpler available.packages
bioc_install_reposTools for Bioconductor repositories
downloadDownload a file
download_versionDownload a specified version of a CRAN package
git_credentialsSpecify git credentials to use
github_refsGitHub references
gitlab_patRetrieve GitLab personal access token.
install_biocInstall a development package from the Bioconductor git...
install_bitbucketInstall a package directly from Bitbucket
install_cranAttempts to install a package from CRAN.
install_depsInstall package dependencies if needed.
install_devInstall the development version of a package
install_gitInstall a package from a git repository
install_githubAttempts to install a package directly from GitHub.
install_gitlabInstall a package from GitLab
install_localInstall a package from a local file
install_svnInstall a package from a SVN repository
install_urlInstall a package from a url
install_versionInstall specified version of a CRAN package.
package_depsFind all dependencies of a CRAN or dev package.
parse-git-repoParse a remote git repo specification
standardise_depStandardise dependencies using the same logical as...
update_packagesUpdate packages that are missing or out-of-date.
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