Man pages for r-lib/testthat
Unit Testing for R

auto_testWatches code and tests for changes, rerunning tests as...
auto_test_packageWatches a package for changes, rerunning tests as...
capture_conditionCapture conditions, including messeages, warnings,...
capture_outputCapture output to console
CheckReporterCheck reporter: 13 line summary of problems
compareProvide human-readable comparison of two objects
compare_stateCompare two directory states.
comparison-expectationsExpectation: is returned value less or greater than specified...
contextDescribe the context of a set of tests.
DebugReporterTest reporter: start recovery.
default_reporterRetrieve the default reporter
describedescribe: a BDD testing language
dir_stateCapture the state of a directory.
equality-expectationsExpectation: is the object equal to a value?
evaluate_promiseEvaluate a promise, capturing all types of output.
expectThe building block of all 'expect_' functions
expectationConstruct an expectation object
expect_cpp_tests_passTest Compiled Code in a Package
expect_invisibleExpectation: does expression return visibily or invisibly?
expect_isExpectation: does the object inherit from a given class?
expect_known_outputExpectations: is the output or the value equal to a known...
expect_lengthExpectation: does a vector have the specified length?
expect_matchExpectation: does string match a regular expression?
expect_namedExpectation: does object have names?
expect_nullExpectation: is an object 'NULL'?
expect_setequalExpectation: do two vectors contain the same values?
expect_successTools for testing expectations
expect_thatExpect that a condition holds.
expect_vectorExpectation: does the object have vctr properties?
failDefault expectations that alway succeed or fail.
FailReporterTest reporter: fail at end.
find_reporterFind reporter object given name or object.
find_test_scriptsFind the test files.
inheritance-expectationsExpectation: does the object inherit from a S3 or S4 class,...
JunitReporterTest reporter: summary of errors in jUnit XML format.
ListReporterList reporter: gather all test results along with elapsed...
LocationReporterTest reporter: location
logical-expectationsExpectation: is the object true/false?
make_expectationMake an equality test.
MinimalReporterTest reporter: minimal.
MultiReporterMulti reporter: combine several reporters in one.
notNegate an expectation
oldskoolOld-style expectations.
output-expectationsExpectation: does code produce output/message/warning/error?
ProgressReporterTest reporter: interactive progress bar of errors.
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
ReporterManage test reporting
reporter-accessorsGet and set active reporter.
RstudioReporterTest reporter: RStudio
safe_digestCompute a digest of a filename, returning NA if the file...
SilentReporterTest reporter: gather all errors silently.
skipSkip a test.
source_fileSource a file, directory of files, or various important...
StopReporterTest reporter: stop on error.
SummaryReporterTest reporter: summary of errors.
takes_less_thanExpectation: does expression take less than a fixed amount of...
TapReporterTest reporter: TAP format.
TeamcityReporterTest reporter: Teamcity format.
teardownRun code on setup/teardown
test_dirRun all tests in directory or package
test_envGenerate default testing environment.
test_examplesTest package examples
test_fileRun all tests in specified file
test_pathLocate file in testing directory.
test_thatCreate a test.
testthat_examplesRetrieve paths to built-in example test files
testthat-packageR package to make testing fun!
testthat_resultsCreate a 'testthat_results' object from the test results as...
try_againTry evaluating an expressing multiple times until it...
use_catchUse Catch for C++ Unit Testing
watchWatch a directory for changes (additions, deletions &...
with_mockMock functions in a package.
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