Man pages for r-pkgs/callr
Call R from R

callrCall R from R
convert_and_check_my_argsConvert and check function arguments
get_resultRead the result object from the output file, or the error
make_errorCreate an error object
pollPoll for process I/O or termination
processExternal process
process_initializeStart a process
rEvaluate an expression in another R session
r_bgEvaluate an expression in another R session, in the...
rcmdRun an R CMD command
rcmd_bgRun an R CMD command in the background
rcmd_copycatCall and R CMD command, while mimicking the current R session
rcmd_processExternal R CMD Process
rcmd_process_optionsCreate options for an rcmd_process object
rcmd_safe'rcmd_safe_env' returns a set of environment variables that...
r_copycatRun an R process that mimics the current R process
r_processExternal R Process
r_process_optionsCreate options for an r_process object
runRun external command, and wait until finishes
r_vanillaRun an R child process, with no configuration
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