Man pages for r-quantities/quantities
Quantity Calculus for R Vectors to a Data Frame
as.list.quantitiesCoerce to a List
as.matrix.quantitiesCoerce to a Matrix
cbind.quantitiesCombine R Objects by Rows or Columns
c.quantitiesCombine Values into a Vector or List
diff.quantitiesLagged Differences
drop_quantitiesDrop Units and Errors
errorsSet Measurement Errors on a Numeric Vector
Extract.quantitiesExtract or Replace Parts of an Object
groupGeneric.quantitiesS3 Group Generic Functions
parse_quantitiesParse Units and Errors
quantitiesSet Measurement Units and Errors on a Numeric Vector
quantities-package'quantities': Quantity Calculus for R Vectors
rep.quantitiesReplicate Elements of Vectors and Lists
tibbleMethods for Tidy 'tibble' Printing
t.quantitiesMatrix Transpose
unitsSet Measurement Units on a Numeric Vector
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