Man pages for r-quantities/units
Measurement Units for R Vectors

as_difftimeconvert units object into difftime object
as_unitsconvert object to a units object
boxplot.unitsboxplot for unit objects
deparse_unitdeparse unit to string in product power form (e.g. km m-2...
deprecatedDeprecated functions
drop_unitsDrop Units
hist.unitshistogram for unit objects
install_conversion_constantInstall a conversion constant or offset between user-defined...
install_symbolic_unitDefine new symbolic units
Math.unitsMathematical operations for units objects
mixed_unitsCreate or convert to a mixed units list-column
Ops.unitsS3 Ops Group Generic Functions for units objects
plot.unitscreate axis label with appropriate labels
seq.unitsseq method for units objects
tibbletype_sum function for units
ud_unitsList containing pre-defined units from the udunits2 package.
unitlessThe "unit" type for vectors that are actually dimension-less.
unitsSet measurement units on a numeric vector
units_optionsset one or more units global options
valid_udunitsGet information about valid units
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