Man pages for r-spatial/mapedit
Interactive Editing of Spatial Data in R

drawFeaturesDraw (simple) features on a map
editFeaturesInteractively Edit Map Features
editMapInteractively Edit a Map
editModShiny Module Server for Geo Create, Edit, Delete
editModUIShiny Module UI for Geo Create, Edit, Delete
mapedit-packagemapedit: interactive editing and selection for geospatial...
merge_addMerge 'sf' Adds
merge_deleteMerge 'sf' Deletes
merge_editMerge 'sf' Edits
playbackPlayback a Recorded 'mapedit' Session on Leaflet Map
selectFeaturesInteractively Select Map Features
selectMapInteractively Select Map Features
selectModShiny Module Server for Geo Selection
selectModUIShiny Module UI for Geo Selection
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