Man pages for r2rahul/expdata
Exploratory Data Analysis using data.table

call_mergePerform full join between two data tables
char_summaryCreates summary for character variable
column_inlineboxCreates column of inline box plot
complete_summaryCreates the complete summary of data
create_inlineboxCreates inline box plot
date_summaryCreates summary for date variable
exploratory_reportReturns a report.
factor_summaryCreates summary for factor variable
frequent_countReturns a data frame with requenct count of date, factor, and...
group_binGroup Column based on bin size
helper_binGroup Column based on bin size
is_dateCheck Date Type
join_dataCompares two data tables
log_summaryCreates summary for logical variable
maxmin_countReturns a data frame with maximium 5 and minimum 5.
miss_sumReturns the number or percentage of missing value
num_summaryCreates summary for numeric variable
start_shinyThe functions executes the dashboard using shiny to explore...
top_min_nFind Max and Min of the Numeric Columns
unique_sumReturns number of unique characters
zeros_sumReturns the number or percentage of zeros value
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