Man pages for rOpenGov/europarl
Scrap data from europarlament's website

create_databaseCreating database
deputies_get_history_of_servicesGet national parties, eu groups, postions
get_all_deputiesGet data about all deputies
get_eurogroupGet data about all deputies
get_historyGet parties, eu groups, postions
get_languagesGet all languages in europarl
get_more_infoGet nationality, date of birth, place of birth and/or date of...
get_nationalpartyGet data about all deputies
get_statementsGet all statements for P8
read_configLoads data from configuration file
safe_htmlSafe html scrapping
statements_coreGet statements text and details.
statements_get_all_statementsGet all statements for P8
statements_get_list_of_statementsReturn links, titles, dates of sttamenets of given deputie.
statements_get_statementGet statements text and details.
statements_get_timeGet time of statements
statements_update_statementsUpdate stamenets in data abse
strings_identicalRemove white signs and comapre two strings
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