Man pages for rOpenGov/fmi
Finnish Meteorological Institute open data API R client

fmi_lightningsFMI Lightnings Data
fmi_stationsGet a list of active FMI observation stations.
FMIWFSClientA class to retrieve and manipulate data from the FMI open API
FMIWFSRequestA class to build WFS request URL to the FMI API
getFinlandBBoxReturns bounding box surrounding Finland
getRasterLayerNamesReturn available rasters layer names
init_sessionInitialize a API session.
LongToWideFormatConvert data from long to wide format.
transformTimeValuePairDataHandle and transform TimeValuePairData
valid_fmisidCheck if a provided ID number is a valid FMI SID.
wideToLongFormatConvert data from long to wide format
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