Man pages for rOpenGov/iotables
Importing and Manipulating Symmetric Input-Output Tables

backward_linkagesBackward linkages
check_digitsCheck digits parameter
coefficient_matrix_createCreate a coefficient matrix
conforming_vector_createCreate an empty conforming vector
create_knitr_tableCreate an output-independent, well formatted kable table
croatia_2010_1700Input-output table for Croatia, 2010.
croatia_2010_1800Input-output table for Croatia, 2010.
croatia_2010_1900Input-output table for Croatia, 2010.
croatia_employment_2013Croatian employment data for the year 2013
croatia_employment_aggregationAggregation table for Croatian employment statistics
direct_effects_createCreate direct effects
employment_getGet employment data
employment_metadataEmployment metadata
empty_removeSymmetrically remove empty rows and columns
equation_solveSolve a basic equation
forward_linkagesForward linkages
germany_1990Simple input-output table for Germany, 1990.
household_column_findReturn the position of final household expenditure
household_column_getReturn final household expenditure
indirect_effects_createCreate indirect effects
input_coefficient_matrix_createCreate an input coefficient matrix
input_flow_getCreate a use (input flow) matrix
input_indicator_createCreate input indicator(s)
input_multipliers_createCreate input indicators
iotable_getGet an input-output table from bulk file
iotables_downloadDownload input-output tables
iotable_year_getGet the available years for the input-output tables.
is_html_outputCheck if HTML output is required
is_latex_outputCheck if Latex output is required
leontieff_inverse_createCreate the inverse of a Leontieff-matrix.
leontieff_matrix_createCreate a Leontieff matrix
matrix_roundRound all matrix values to required number of digits.
metadata_uk_2010Multipliers and effects (product) for testing from the United...
multiplier_createCreate multipliers
netherlands_2006Simple input-output table for the Netherlands, 2006.
non_zero_columns_findFind non-zero columns
output_coefficient_matrix_createCreate an output coefficient matrix
output_getGet an output vector
output_multiplier_createOutput multipliers
pipePipe operator
primary_input_getGet primary inputs
primary_inputsPrimary input abbreviations
quadrant_separator_findDetermine the end of Quadrant I and III.
round_tableSystematically round values in a table.
supplementary_addAdd supplementary data
total_tax_addSummarize and add tax data
uk_2010_dataUnited Kingdom Input-Output Analytical Tables, 2010
uk_2010_getGet United Kingdom Input-Output Analytical Tables, 2010
uk_2010_results_getGet United Kingdom Multipliers and Effects, 2010
uk_test_resultsMultipliers and effects (product) for testing from the United...
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