Man pages for rOpenGov/pxweb
R Interface to the PX-Web/PC-Axis API

api_catalogueGet the api catalogue
api_parametersReturn options for database, version and language choices
api_timerCreates a timer that keeps track of how many calls that has...
base_urlReturn base URL to API
buildPathBuild a path from character elements
calc_dim_typeCalculates which dimensions that are used as row and col...
calculate_data_dimThe function calculates the dimension of a data object
checkForLevelsFunction to silently test for existence of metadata and...
choose_pxweb_apiChoose an api from api_catalogue
choose_pxweb_database_urlCalculate a specific database to get data from
clean_pxwebClean raw data from PX-WEB
create_batch_listThe function takes an url and a dims object and calculates if...
deparseLevelsFunctions from sweSCB package that are not called anywhere...
download_pxwebTraverse node for query alternatives and download data.
findData.inputGet input that is consistent with
get_api_indexGet index of which api has the name or the alias
get_api_listGet the api catalogue from json file
getContentGet content from response
get_dim_sizeThe function calculates the dimension of a query. That means...
get_pxweb_dataGet data from a bottom node in PX-WEB API
get_pxweb_dimsGet data dimensions form a bottom node in a PX-Web/PC-Axis...
get_pxweb_levelsGet levels from API node
get_pxweb_metadataGet data
interactive_pxwebFind and download data interactively from PX-WEB API
print.api_parametersPrint method for api_parameters.
pxweb_api-classA Reference Class to represent an pxweb_api
reorder_and_check_dimsReorders the dimensions of a 'get_pxweb_data()' call and...
test_pxweb_apiTest a full or a part of an pxweb api.
test_pxweb_api_get_dataDownload data for each bottom node in the pxweb api
test_pxweb_api_get_node_metadataGet metadata from all bottom nodes identified with...
test_pxweb_api_get_nodesGet the whole node tree from a given pxweb api
text_to_urlChange text to url
write_api_listWrite api catalogue to json file
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