Man pages for rOpenGov/pxweb
R Interface to PXWEB APIs

add_pxe_defaultsAdd default values to pxe
api_catalogueGet the api catalogue
ApiDataPX-Web Data by API
api_parametersReturn options for database, version and language choices
api_timerCreates a timer that keeps track of how many calls that has...
as_pxweb_levelsAssert that x is a correct 'pxweb_database_list' object.
assert_pxwebAssert that the url structure is correct
assert_pxweb_api_catalogueAssert a 'pxweb_api_catalogue' object
assert_pxweb_callsAssert that the rda_file_path is correct
assert_pxweb_configAssert that the config slot is correct
assert_pxweb_dataAssert that x is a correct 'pxweb_data' object.
assert_pxweb_database_listAssert that x is a correct 'pxweb_database_list' object.
assert_pxweb_data_commentsAssert that x is a correct 'pxweb_data_comments' object.
assert_pxweb_data_jsonstatAssert that x is a correct 'pxweb_data_jsonstat' object....
assert_pxweb_input_allowedAssert a 'pxweb_input_allowed' object
assert_pxweb_levelsAssert that x is a correct 'pxweb_levels' object.
assert_pxweb_metadataAssert that x is a correct 'pxweb_metadata' object.
assert_pxweb_queryAssert a pxweb_query object
assert_pxweb_rda_file_pathAssert that the rda_file_path is correct
assert_pxweb_urlAssert that the url structure is correct
base_urlReturn base URL to API
buildPathBuild a path from character elements
build_pxweb_config_urlBuild the url to get the config from a PXWEB api
build_pxweb_rda_file_pathBuild or get the tmp_rda_file_path from an url or...
build_pxweb_urlBuild the url to a PXWEB api
calc_dim_typeCalculates which dimensions that are used as row and col...
calculate_data_dimThe function calculates the dimension of a data object
checkForLevelsFunction to silently test for existence of metadata and...
check_new_pxweb_apisCheck and compare differences between remote and local api...
choose_pxweb_apiChoose an api from api_catalogue
choose_pxweb_database_urlCalculate a specific database to get data from
clean_pxwebClean raw data from PX-WEB
create_batch_listThe function takes an url and a dims object and calculates if...
deparseLevelsFunctions from sweSCB package that are not called anywhere...
download_pxwebTraverse node for query alternatives and download data.
findData.inputGet input that is consistent with
generate_permutationsGenerate batch permutations
get_api_file_pathRefactorized function to get api_file path and copy if needed
get_api_indexGet index of which api has the name or the alias
get_api_listGet the api catalogue from json file
get_api_list_remoteGet the api catalogue from github
getContentGet content from response
get_dim_sizeThe function calculates the dimension of a query. That means...
get_github_api_urlsGet (hard coded) api catalogue github urls
get_pxweb_dataGet data from a bottom node in PX-WEB API
get_pxweb_dimsGet data dimensions form a bottom node in a PX-Web/PC-Axis...
get_pxweb_levelsGet levels from API node
get_pxweb_metadataGet data
interactive_pxwebFind and download data interactively from PX-WEB API
is_pxweb_config_responseCheck if a response is a pxweb config response
MakeUrlMakeUrl from id
NumberAdding leading zeros
parse_url_or_failParse a character string or throws error if it fails
permutationsGenerate permutations of dimensions to find optimal no of...
print.api_parametersPrint method for api_parameters.
print.pxweb_api_catalogue_entryPrint a catalogue entry
pxd_values_to_valuetextsConvert a pxweb data objects values to valuetext
pxe_allowed_inputDefines allowed input for a position in a 'pxweb_explorer' or...
pxe_back_positionMove in the 'pxweb_explorer' position
pxe_data_urlGet the url to a table
pxe_handle_inputHandle a user input for a 'pxweb_explorer' object.
pxe_inputGet (allowed) inputs for a 'pxweb_input_allowed' object.
pxe_interactive_get_dataAsk to download and download data
pxe_metadata_choicesGet and set pxe_metadata_coices
pxe_metadata_variable_namesGet the meta data variable names from a 'pxweb_explorer'...
pxe_position_choice_sizeHow many choices has the current position?
pxe_position_is_api_catalogueIs the current position an api_catalogue position?
pxe_position_is_full_queryIs the current position a full query (i.e. choices for all...
pxe_position_is_metadataIs the current position a metadata object?
pxe_position_multiple_choice_allowedAre multiple choices allowed?
pxe_position_titleGet the table title for the current position
pxe_position_variable_can_be_eliminatedCan the variable at the current position be eliminated?
pxe_print_download_codePrint code to download query
pxe_pxobj_at_positionReturn the pxweb object at the current position
pxwebS3 constructor for 'pxweb' api object.
pxweb_add_api_subpathAdd the subpath slot to a pxweb path slot
pxweb_add_callAdd an api call to a pxweb_api_s3 object
pxweb_add_configAdd the config slot to a pxweb object
pxweb_add_metadata_to_queryAdd and remove metadata to query
pxweb_advanced_getDo a GET call to PXWEB API for advanced users
pxweb_api_catalogueGet the PXWEB API catalogue
pxweb_api_catalogue_entryConstructor for 'pxweb_api_catalogue_entry'.
pxweb_api-classA Reference Class to represent an pxweb_api
pxweb_api_nameGet the api name, rootpath, subpath, path or dbpath
pxweb_as_data_frameCoerce a 'pxweb_data' object to a 'data.frame'
pxweb_as_jsonConvert object to json
pxweb_cCombine pxweb objects
pxweb_citeCite a PXWEB data object
pxweb_clear_cacheClear cache of all (or one) 'pxweb' object
pxweb_dataConstruct a 'pxweb_data' object.
pxweb_database_listConstruct a 'pxweb_database_list' object.
pxweb_data_cCombine pxweb objects
pxweb_data_colnamesGet query filter
pxweb_data_column_commentConstruct a 'pxweb_data_comment' object
pxweb_data_commentsConstruct a 'pxweb_data_comments' object.
pxweb_data_dimCompute the dimension of the query 'pxweb_data' object
pxweb_data_jsonstatConstruct a 'pxweb_data_jsonstat' object.
pxweb_explorerCreate a 'pxweb_explorer' object.
pxweb_fix_urlFix url characters
pxweb_getDo a GET call to PXWEB API
pxweb_get_api_test_data_frameBuild api test data.frame
pxweb_get_dataDo a GET call to PXWEB API and return a data.frame
pxweb_http_log_onSetup a structure to log all API calls
pxweb_interactiveFind and download data interactively from a PXWEB API
pxweb_interactive_inputGet input from user
pxweb_levelsConstruct a 'pxweb_levels' object.
pxweb_levels_remove_headersRemove headers from PXWEB levels object
pxweb_metadataConstruct a 'pxweb_metadata' object.
pxweb_metadata_add_null_valuesAdd values to NULL value variables in PXWEB metadata objects
pxweb_metadata_dimCompue the dimension of a metadata object
pxweb_metadata_eliminationGet boolean vector
pxweb-packageInterface to PX-WEB APIs from R
pxweb_parse_responseParse the response from a PXWEB API
pxweb_queryCreate a PXWEB query
pxweb_query_as_jsonConvert a 'pxweb_query' object to a 'json' string
pxweb_query_as_rcodeConvert a 'pxweb_query' object to R code
pxweb_query_dimCompue the dimension of the query
pxweb_query_dim_splittableGet vector indicating splittable variables
pxweb_query_filterGet query values
pxweb_query_valuesGet query filter
pxweb_split_querySplit query in optimal sub-queries
pxweb_tempdirSetup temorary directory for the pxweb
pxweb_test_apiTest a full or a part of a PXWEB api.
pxweb_test_create_api_pathsCreate all paths from a list of pxweb_api_catalogue entries
pxweb_test_time_limitTest time limit object
pxweb_validate_query_with_metadataValidate a 'pxweb_query' with a 'pxweb_metadata' object
reorder_and_check_dimsReorders the dimensions of a 'get_pxweb_data()' call and...
save_pxwebSave and load 'pxweb' objects from R temp folder
split_dimensions_left_rightSplit variables into chunks
str_padPad a string to a fixed size
str_trimTaken from 'trimws' for reasons of compatibility with...
temp_api_file_pathThe path to store paths to api.json
temp_api_folder_pathThe path to the folder to store paths to api.json
test_pxweb_apiTest a full or a part of an pxweb api.
test_pxweb_api_get_dataDownload data for each bottom node in the pxweb api
test_pxweb_api_get_node_metadataGet metadata from all bottom nodes identified with...
test_pxweb_api_get_nodesGet the whole node tree from a given pxweb api
text_to_urlChange text to url
update_pxweb_apisDownload and update the PXWEB API catalogue
write_api_listWrite api catalogue to json file
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