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Data Menu for Radiant: Business Analytics using R and Shiny

add_classConvenience function to add a class
as_characterWrapper for as.character
as_distanceDistance in kilometers or miles between two locations based...
as_dmyConvert input in day-month-year format to date
as_dmy_hmConvert input in day-month-year-hour-minute format to...
as_dmy_hmsConvert input in day-month-year-hour-minute-second format to...
as_durationWrapper for lubridate's as.duration function. Result...
as_factorWrapper for factor with ordered = FALSE
as_hmConvert input in hour-minute format to time
as_hmsConvert input in hour-minute-second format to time
as_integerConvert variable to integer avoiding potential issues with...
as_mdyConvert input in month-day-year format to date
as_mdy_hmConvert input in month-day-year-hour-minute format to...
as_mdy_hmsConvert input in month-day-year-hour-minute-second format to...
as_numericConvert variable to numeric avoiding potential issues with...
as_ymdConvert input in year-month-day format to date
as_ymd_hmConvert input in year-month-day-hour-minute format to...
as_ymd_hmsConvert input in year-month-day-hour-minute-second format to...
choose_dirChoose a directory interactively
choose_filesChoose files interactively
ci_labelLabels for confidence intervals
ci_percValues at confidence levels
combine_dataCombine datasets using dplyr's bind and join functions
copy_allSource all package functions
copy_attrCopy attributes from one object to another
copy_fromSource for package functions
cvCoefficient of variation
deregisterDeregister a data.frame or list in Radiant
describeShow dataset description
diamondsDiamond prices
does_varyDoes a vector have non-zero variability?
dtabMethod to create datatables an interactive table to view, search, sort, and filter...
dtab.exploreMake an interactive table of summary statistics
dtab.pivotrMake an interactive pivot table
empty_levelConvert categorical variables to factors and deal with...
exploreExplore and summarize data
filter_dataFilter data with user-specified expression
find_dropboxFind Dropbox folder
find_gdriveFind Google Drive folder
find_homeFind user directory
find_projectFind the Rstudio project folder
fix_namesEnsure column names are valid
fix_smartReplace smart quotes etc.
flipFlip the DT table to put Function, Variable, or Group by on...
format_dfFormat a data.frame with a specified number of decimal places
format_nrFormat a number with a specified number of decimal places,...
get_classGet variable class
get_dataSelect variables and filter data
get_summaryCreate data.frame summary
ggplotlyWork around to avoid (harmless) messages from ggplotly
indexrFind index corrected for missing values and filters
install_webshotInstall webshot and phantomjs
inverseCalculate inverse of a variable
is_doubleIs input a double (and not a date type)?
is_emptyIs a character variable defined
is_notConvenience function for is.null or
is_stringIs input a string?
itermsCreate a vector of interaction terms for linear and logistic...
launchLaunch radiant apps
level_listGenerate list of levels and unique values
lnNatural log
load_clipLoad data through clipboard on Windows or macOS
make_trainGenerate a variable used to selected a training sample
make_vecConvert a string of numbers into a vector
meMargin of error
mepropMargin of error for proportion
modalCalculate the mode (modal value) and return a label
monthAdd ordered argument to lubridate::month
mutate_extAdd transformed variables to a data frame with the option to...
n_missingNumber of missing values
n_obsNumber of observations
normalizeNormalize a variable x by a variable y
parse_pathParse file path into useful components
percentilesCalculate percentiles
pfunSummarize a set of numeric vectors per row
pivotrCreate a pivot table
plot.pivotrPlot method for the pivotr function
propCalculate proportion
publishersComic publishers
qscatterCreate a qscatter plot similar to Stata
qtermsCreate a vector of quadratic and cubed terms for use in... function(s) in the package
radiant.data_urlStart app but do not open a browser
radiant.data_viewerLaunch the app in the Rstudio viewer
radiant.data_windowLaunch the app in an Rstudio window
read_filesGenerate code to read a file
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
refactorRemove/reorder levels
registerRegister a data.frame or list in Radiant
renderBase method used to render htmlwidgets
render.datatablesMethod to render DT tables
render.plotlyMethod to render plotly plots
round_dfRound doubles in a data.frame to a specified number of...
save_clipSave data to clipboard on Windows or macOS
sdpopStandard deviation for the population
sdpropStandard deviation for proportion
seStandard error
search_dataSearch for a pattern in all columns of a data.frame
sepropStandard error for proportion
set_attrAlias used to add an attribute
show_duplicatedShow all rows with duplicated values (not just the first or...
sig_starsAdd stars based on p.values
squareCalculate square of a variable
sshhHide warnings and messages and return invisible
sshhrHide warnings and messages and return result
storeMethod to store variables in a dataset in Radiant
store.exploreDeprecated: Store method for the explore function
store.pivotrDeprecated: Store method for the pivotr function
subplotWork around to avoid (harmless) messages from subplot
summary.exploreSummary method for the explore function
summary.pivotrSummary method for pivotr
superheroesSuper heroes
table2dataCreate data.frame from a table
titanicSurvival data for the Titanic
to_fctConvert characters to factors
varpopVariance for the population
varpropVariance for proportion
view_dataView data in a shiny-app
visualizeVisualize data using ggplot2 <URL:...
wdayAdd ordered argument to lubridate::wday
weighted.sdWeighted standard deviation
which.pmaxIndex of the maximum per row
which.pminIndex of the minimum per row
xtileSplit a numeric variable into a number of bins and return a...
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