Man pages for ran-ran/zoocat
'zoo' Objects with Column Attributes

aggregate_colAggregate 'zoocat' objects by column attributes
apply_colApply functions over each column
apply_coreApply a function over the core data matrix
as.gmonCoercion from and to 'gmon' class
as.zooCoercion objects to class 'zoo'
as.zoocatCoercing objects to Class 'zoocat'
as.zoomlyCoercion objects to class 'zoomly'
cast2zoocatCast a data frame to a 'zoocat' object
cast2zoomlyCast a data frame to a 'zoomly' object
cast_monthCast month of a 'zoomly' object
cattrGetting or setting the column attributes table of a 'zoocat'...
corCorrelation computing for 'zoo' or 'zoocat' objects
filter_colReturn columns with matching conditions
ggplot.zoocatTools for plottin 'zoocat' objects with ggplot2
gmonA class for generalized month index
index_detachDetach index of a 'zoo' object
indnameGet or set the name of the index variable
isvalidDetermine the validity of a 'zoocat' Object
meltMelt a 'zoocat' Object
melt_monthTranslate 'zoomly' objects to yearmon format
mergeCombine 'zoocat' or 'zoomly' Objects by Columns
normalizeNormalize data
order_colOrder a 'zoocat' object by column
pcaPrincipal components analysis of a 'zoocat' object
rbind.zoocatMerge two or more 'zoocat' objects by rows
rela_yearGet the relative years for a 'gmon' object
reprocess_monthReprocess month of 'zoomly' objects
reset_index_varReset index variable of a 'zoocat' object
rollcorCalculate the rolling window correlations
tropSSTSST Data of Tropical Pacific
true_monthGet the true month of a 'gmon' object.
zoocat'zoocat' class
zoomly'zoomly' Class
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