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Maps with ggplot2

gg_bubbles_GcdNumBubbles map Bubbles map
gg_bubbles_GlnGltGgplot bubbles by latitud and longitud
gg_bubbles_GlnGltCatBubbles map
gg_bubbles_GlnGltCatNumBubbles map
gg_bubbles_GlnGltNumGgplot bubbles by latitud and longitud
gg_bubbles_GnmNumBubbles map
gg_bubbles_GnmNum.Bubbles map
gg_choropleth_bogota_map_GcdNum.Choropleth map Bogota's locations whitout Sumpaz Choropleth...
gg_choropleth_GcdGgplot choropleths by geographical code
gg_choropleth_GcdCatChoropleth map Choropleth map
gg_choropleth_GcdNumChoropleth map Choropleth map
gg_choropleth_GnmGgplot choropleths by geographical code
gg_choropleth_GnmCatChoropleth map Choropleth map
gg_choropleth_GnmNum.Choropleth map Choropleth map
theme_mapClean theme for maps
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