Man pages for rappster/dataconr
Interfaces for data sources

applyExternalFormatFormat to external format
applyExternalFormat.DataCon.Neo4jFormat to external format
applyRFormatFormat to R format
applyRFormat.DataCon.IntelligentForecaster.CsvFormat to R format
applyRFormat.DataCon.Neo4jFormat to R format
applyStructureApply structure of an R object
DataSuperclass for unified data respresentations
DataConSuperclass for inheritance for data connections
DataCon.IntelligentForecasterConnector for Intelligent Forecaster
DataCon.IntelligentForecaster.CsvConnector for Intelligent Forecaster CSV format
DataCon.Neo4jConnector for Neo4j
DataFormatSuperclass for data format information
getStructureGet structure of an R object
getStructure.characterGet structure of an R object structure of an R object
getStructure.listGet structure of an R object
handleSetStructureHandler for setting structure information
handleSetStructure.defaultHandler for setting structure information
handleSetStructure.StructureHandler for setting structure information
idataInterfaces for data sources
IDataConClass that functions as an interface for data connections
IDataFormatClass that functions as an interface for data format...
methodNotImplementedMethod not implemented yet
methodNotImplemented.R6Stop on interface call
pullFromConPull from a connection
pullFromCon.DataCon.IntelligentForecaster.CsvPull from DataCon.IntelligentForecaster.Csv data connection
stopOnInterfaceCallStop on interface call
stopOnInterfaceCall.R6Stop on interface call
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