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Bayesian replacements for the most commonly used statistical tests in R.


The idea with this R package is to make "replacements" for the most commonly used tests in R such as t.test, binom.test and cor.test. These replacements will be based on Bayesian estimation and will in that sense neither be "null hypothesis" nor "tests". They will be replacements in that they will have similar assumptions as the original tests and will answer the the same type of question as one probably have when using the corresponding null hypothesis test.

The gimmick of the package is that the Bayesian versions have functions calls that are compatible with the classical tests' functions. That is, going from a classical binomial test:

binom.test(x=7, n=10)

... to the Bayesian estimation version is as easy as prepending bayes. to the function call:

bayes.binom.test(x=7, n=10, p=0.33)

Hence the name of the package: Bayesian First Aid.

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