Man pages for raubreywhite/RAWmisc
R Convenience functions

AddEmptyRowsAtTopAddEmptyRowsAtTop This adds empty rows to the top of a...
AllowFileManipulationFromInitialiseProjectAllows for InitialiseProject to manipulate files on your...
CalcPValueCalculates pvalues
CountriesNBtoENThis function returns a named vector. The names are Norwegian...
CreateStackSkeletonCreateStackSkeleton This creates the skeleton analysis stack
DetectSplineDetect spline Transforms cos and sin to amplitude peak and...
ExtractExposureConfoundersExtractExposureConfounders Transforms cos and sin to... Transforms cos and sin to...
ExtractFitsExtractFits Extract fits
ExtractFitsSplinesExtractFitsSplines Extract fits
ExtractInteractedEffectEstimatesAllows for recoding of variables
FileTimeModifiedFileTimeModified This determines if the file has been changed...
ForceRCloneResyncForces RCloneSync to resync, even if already downloaded
FormatAllows for recoding of variables
FormatEstCIFromEstSEAllows for recoding of variables
FormatEstCIFromEstSE.intAllows for recoding of variables
FormatPValueFormatPValue This formats the results from the stack
FormatResultsStackFormatResultsStack This formats the results from the stack
FortifyShapeFileReads in shapefile and fortifies it
InitialiseOpinionatedUnixInitialises project on a unix machine in an opinionated...
InitialiseProjectInitialises project
IsFileStableIsFileStable This determines if the file is stable (size not...
LRTestLRTest Likelihood ratio test wrapper
MakeFootnoteMakes a footnote on the bottom right hand corner Taken from...
png_a4Creates png with default dimensions of A4
ProcessStackProcessStack This processes one value from the stack
ProgressBarCreateCreates a progress bar
ProgressBarSetSets progress bar's progress
RCloneSyncWrapper for RClone Sync
RecodeDTAllows for recoding of variables
saveA4theme_gray from ggplot2, but with responsive legend.key.size...
SaveProjectInitialises project
SummarizeBinarySummarizeBinary This summarizes binary variables
SummarizeCategorySummarizeCategory This summarizes categorical variables
SummarizeContinuousSummarizeContinuous This summarizes continuous variables
SummarizeDispatchSummarizeDispatch Summarizes one variable, with the option of...
SummarizeDispatchOneVarSummarizeDispatchOneVar Summarizes one variable (mostly for...
theme_graytheme_gray from ggplot2, but with responsive legend.key.size...
TransformCosSinToAmplitudePeakTroughTransformCosSinToAmplitudePeakTrough Transforms cos and sin...
UseRCloneAllows for InitialiseProject to manipulate files on your...
ValidateStackValidateStack This validates the skeleton analysis stack
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