Personal Finance


All the expenses that were made should be entered in the google sheets "Ravi Transaction", "Soundri Transaction" & "Ravi Income"

Why reconcile

I cannot just rely on the receipts entered. I could have missed a receipt or added a receipt twice. So, I need to reconcile the data from mint.

I cannot just rely on mint data. Maybe I made an expense outside, that wasn't captured in mint. So I have to reconcile both mint and manual receipts.


Do not use the mint and transaction combined data. Because, we are joining on store and amount. There will be duplicates. The only reason for reconciliation is to make sure that we have all the data in manual recipts section.

Use the manual transaction sheet to get expenses

Sharing Test from google sheets

Even though a sheet is shared, it must be published as csv. Otherwise the below strange error will be thrown

stop_for_content_type(req, expected = "application/atom+xml; charset=UTF-8")
## Create Test


# adds a template test file test-add.R in tests/testthat/ folder

Check coverage locally

Important, dont add this in a file. If this is in a file, it keeps executing in loop filling up computer

cov <- package_coverage()

Check coverage by function

cov <- package_coverage()
report(cov, group="function")

Create vignettes


Creating examples

Steps to create examples

Updating coverage to

works from travis-ci, but not from local. Need to troubleshoot this later. But for now, we can use local coverage check


Generate tokens

The below command will take to google auth. Be sure to select only opendatalake account



> Sys.setenv(https_proxy = "https://abc123:[email protected]:8099")
> Sys.setenv(http_proxy = "http://abc123:[email protected]:8099"")
> rsconnect::setAccountInfo(name='app..', token='ABC239', secret='a+9den.c....')
> deployApp('R')

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