CorporaCoCo-package: Comparing Co-occurrence between corpora.

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Implements the method described in Hennessey and Wiegand et al. (2017).


A good place to start is the ‘Proof of Concept’ vignette. There is also a ‘FAQ’ vignette. You can see a list of package vignettes with vignette(package = "CorporaCoCo") and you can see a particular vignette with something like vignette("faq", package = "CorporaCoCo").

For a list of all documentation use library(help="CorporaCoCo").


Maintainer: Anthony Hennessey <[email protected]>.


A. Hennessey and V. Wiegand and C. R. Tench and M. Mahlberg (2017) Comparing co-occurrences between corpora. In preparation.

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