Man pages for raymondben/datavolley
Reading and Analyzing DataVolley Scouting Files

check_player_namesCheck for similar player names
datavolley-deprecatedDeprecated functions in package 'datavolley'.
dv_cone2xyAttack cones to x, y coordinates
dv_example_fileExample DataVolley files provided as part of the datavolley...
dv_fake_coordinatesFake coordinate data
dv_flip_xyFlip the x,y court coordinates
dv_index2xyGrid index to x,y coordinate and vice-versa
dvlist_summarySummarize a list of volleyball matches
dv_xyCourt zones to x, y coordinates
find_first_attackFind first attacks by the receiving team (i.e. attacks...
find_matchFind a particular match in a list of datavolley objects
findnextFind each entry in y that follows each entry in x
find_player_name_remappingAttempt to build a player name remapping table
findprevFind each entry in y that precedes each entry in x
find_runsGenerate information about runs of events
find_servesFind serves
fix_ace_evaluationsFind aces that might not be marked as such
ggcourtggplot volleyball court
ggxy-deprecatedCourt zones to x, y coordinates
inspectConvenience function for inspecting the plays component of a...
play_phaseFigure out the phase of play associated with each point
playsExtract the plays component from a datavolley object
print.summary.datavolleyPrint method for summary.datavolley
print.summary.datavolleylistPrint method for summary.datavolleylist
read_dvRead a datavolley file
remap_player_namesChange player names
remap_team_namesChange team names
serve_win_pointsFind serve win points
skill_evaluation_decoderTranslate skill evaluation codes into meaningful summary...
summary.datavolleyA simple summary of a volleyball match
teamsGet team names and IDs from datavolley object
validate_dvAdditional validation checks on a DataVolley file
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