Man pages for rbensua/afmToolkit
Functions for Atomic Force Microscope Force-Distance Curves Analysis

afmAdhesionEnergyAdhesion Energy
afmBaselineCorrectionPerforms a baseline correction to an AFM F-z curve
afmContactPointContact point
afmdataAFM data
afmDetachPointDetach point
afmExpDecayExponential decay fit
afmexperimentAFM experiment
afmExtractExtract computed parameters from an afmexperiment
afmReadJPKRead Nanowizard JPK ascii file
afmReadJPKFolderRead all Nanowizard JPK ascii files in a folder
afmReadVeecoRead Bruke Nanoscope Veeco ascii file
afmReadVeecoFolderRead all Bruke Nanoscope Veeco ascii files in a folder
afmStitchStitch the files of a Bruker experiment
afmZeroPointSlopeZero Force Point and Slope
append.afmdataAppend to an 'afmdata' list.
batchExperimentExample of an afmexperiment data class.
is.afmdataAfmdata check.
is.afmexperimentAfmexperiment check.
plot.afmdataPlot an afmdata object
summarySummary of an 'afmdata' class object.
windowedFitLinear fit in a running window
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