Man pages for rcannood/PRISM
Running commands remotely on PRISM

cat_remoteRead from a file remotely
cp_remoteA wrapper around the scp shell command that handles...
create_qsub_configCreate a qsub configuration object.
file_exists_remoteChecks if a local or remote file exists.
get_default_qsub_configRetrieve a default qsub_config.
instantiate_qsub_configCreate an instance of the qsub_config.
is_job_runningCheck whether a job is running.
is_qsub_configReturns whether the passed object is a qsub_config object.
ls_remoteView the contents of a directory remotely
mkdir_remoteCreates a remote directory with the specified group ownership...
override_qsub_configCreate a new qsub configuration object from an old qsub...
PRISMRunning gridengine jobs on PRISM
qacctRun qacct on remote
qacct_remoteRun qacct on remote
qstat_jRun qstat on remote
qstat_j_remoteRun qstat on remote
qstat_remoteShow the status of Grid Engine jobs and queues
qsub_lapplyApply a Function over a List or Vector on a gridengine...
qsub_retrieveRetrieve the results of a qsub execution.
qsub_runCalculate the results of a function on PRISM!
rsync_remoteA wrapper around the rsync shell command that allows copying...
run_remote'run_remote' - Runs the command locally or remotely using...
run_withwarnFunctions to run commands remotely via 'ssh' and capture...
set_default_qsub_configSet a default qsub_config.
test_qsub_configTests whether the passed object is a qsub_config object.
write_remoteWrite to a file remotely
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