VariantFiltering: Filtering of coding and non-coding genetic variants

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This is the development version of the R/Bioconductor package VariantFiltering. This version is unstable and should be used only to test new features. If you are looking for the release version of this package please go to its package release landing page at and follow the instructions there to install it.

If you were really looking for this development version, then to install it you need first to install the development version of R that you can find at and then type the following instructions from the R shell:

if (!requireNamespace("BiocManager", quietly=TRUE))
BiocManager::install("VariantFiltering", version="devel")

Alternatively, you can install it from GitHub using the devtools package.


Questions, bug reports and issues

For questions and bug reports regarding the release version of VariantFiltering please use the Bioconductor support site. For bug reports and issues regarding this development version of VariantFiltering please use the GitHub issues link at the top-right of this page (

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