Man pages for rcastelo/qpgraph
Estimation of genetic and molecular regulatory networks from high-throughput genomics data

EcoliOxygenPreprocessed microarray oxygen deprivation data and filtered...
eQTLcross-classeQTL experimental cross model class
eQTLnetwork-classeQTL network model class
eQTLnetworkEstimateEstimation of a eQTL network from genetical genomics data
eQTLnetworkEstimationParam-classeQTL network parameter model class
graphParam-classGraph parameter classes
HMgmm-classHomogeneous mixed graphical Markov model
qpAllCItestsTests of conditional independence
qpAnyGraphA graph
qpAvgNrrAverage non-rejection rate estimation
qpBoundaryMaximum boundary size of the resulting qp-graphs
qpCItestConditional independence test
qpCliqueComplexity of the resulting qp-graphs
qpCliqueNumberClique number
qpCovCalculation of the sample covariance matrix
qpEdgeNrrNon-rejection rate estimation for a pair of variables
qpFunctionalCoherenceFunctional coherence estimation
qpG2SigmaRandom covariance matrix
qpGenNrrGeneralized non-rejection rate estimation
qpGetCliquesClique list
qpGraph-classThe qp-graph
qpGraphDensityDensities of resulting qp-graphs
qpgraph-packageEstimation of genetic and molecular regulatory networks from...
qpHistHistograms of non-rejection rates
qpHTFHastie Tibshirani Friedman iterative regression algorithm
qpImportNrrImport non-rejection rates
qpIPFIterative proportional fitting algorithm
qpK2ParCorPartial correlation coefficients
qpNrrNon-rejection rate estimation
qpPACEstimation of partial correlation coefficients
qpPathWeightCalculation of path weights
qpPCCEstimation of Pearson correlation coefficients
qpPlotMapPlots a map of associated pairs
qpPlotNetworkPlots a graph
qpPrecisionRecallCalculation of precision-recall curves
qpPRscoreThresholdCalculation of scores thresholds attaining nominal precision...
qpRndGraphUndirected random d-regular graphs
qpRndWishartRandom Wishart distribution
qpTopPairsReport pairs of variables
qpUnifRndAssociationUniformly random association values
qpUpdateCliquesRemovingUpdate clique list when removing one edge
SsdMatrix-classSum of squares and deviations Matrices
UGgmm-classUndirected Gaussian graphical Markov model
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